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Thursday, August 25

Fuel for an Adrenalin Junky

Having a tough time coming down from the high of Tuesday, when I had both an interview with Greg Copeland of Northwest Cable News and a successful book signing at Third Place Books. I fill the void with sugar, trying to keep the buzz going. I did get a great little boost yesterday from a power lunch with a colleague Jeanne, whom I hadn't seen in about four years, and my brilliant networking friend Sheryl. I learned more about Jeanne at lunch yesterday than I did in months of working with her.

Question of the Day (which henceforth will be noted as QUOD:)
QUOD: What's the biggest downside of a hyper personality? I vote for lifelong insomnia, to one degree or another. On the upside, lack of sleep is probably the main reason I'm a writer today. As a child, the only thing I was allowed to do all night was read, so that I wouldn't keep the rest of the family awake. I even had my own bedroom in the basement while Mom, Dad, Sis, and Bro all slept upstairs. Sounds like a cruel Cindarella story, but I loved the freedom.


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