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Sunday, August 28

Impending Doom

QUOD: What's the worst part about approaching your 40s? It could be the slowing metabolism or the fact that you can't drink like a fish and dance 'til the sun comes up any more without paying a horrible price. Perhaps it's the spider veins or the realization that no one is going to card you anymore. I submit it's the chin hairs. Long, spiky, tough as nails. Then, as your eyesight fades, you have two choices: 1) ignore them because you can't see them and wonder why teenagers call you m'am and children recoil from you in horror, 2) buy one of those 100x, lighted magnifying mirrors that makes the surface of your skin look like those dust mites you saw in science class under the electron microscope.

I suspect my husby might say it's the nose and ear hairs. We met a man named Stan who looks like he's wearing homegrown ear muffs.


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