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Saturday, August 27

Oh Happy Day

I have an Author Appearance, a.k.a. Book Signing today at Elliott Bay Books, which is thrilling because it's THE bookstore in town with the best reputation, on par with Tattered Cover in Denver and Powell's in Portland. They want me to bring the Wonder Wieners with, so husby is coming to wrangle. I'm reading a true story about the first time the pups and I set up camp, which, had it been videoed, would have been a lock for the grand prize on AFV. When I went into REI to buy my first tent, ever, I told them I wanted an Insta-tent: pull the pin and it blows itself up. You can practice setting up the tent inside the store, and because they don't have stakes or ground to put them in, they have velcro stakes, sticking to the carpeted floor. Now, THAT's my idea of camping.
QUOD: How many licks does it take for a dog to get to the center of an ice cube?
A: Don't know, but it sure is funny when he pads up to you, asking for help when the ice cube gets stuck to his lower lip.


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous nina said...

Yay for new blogs! How was the reading?

At 12:00 PM, Blogger SuperFunHappyChick said...

It was noticeably unattended. My accountant came with his two kids, my friends Brian and Sara came, there was a couple in the audience that didn't even have a dog, but Steve talked them into staying for the reading, and one, only one woman, who came specifically for the reading. She didn't own a dog either, and lives in Chicago, but she was buying the book for her niece, who has a dog and lives here. Sigh.


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