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Wednesday, August 31

On the Road Again

Greetings from Toad Mountain coffee house in Bellingham. Like my dear friend Janeen, I am obsessive about finding a high-speed Internet coffee house in every town, village, and hamlet of the Pac NW where I travel. I justify it in the name of work. This is my job! I drove 320 copies of CityDog magazine up for this weekend's dog festivities, where I'll have a booth selling my wares, or rather, my ware. It felt really good to drive a significant distance again, to remind myself I actually enjoy doing it, as I really gear up for writing the next book, the new edition of Moon Handbooks WA. Sadly, the chocolate brioche, which looked so tempting in the bakery case, is dry and tasteless.

As a writer, I fantasize that one of my made-up words will actually make into Webster's someday, or better yet, into the global vernacular. Today, I introduce a new feature of my blog, the IWOW (invented word of the week).

IWOW: Knockkopf: to rap on one's head in the hope it will avoid invoking the bad luck of tempting fate. Derives from common English, knock, and the German word for head, Kopf. Comes in handy because there often isn't wood around for the traditional "knock wood" or "touch wood."

QUOD: Why do dogs lick the water off their owners legs' after showering or bathing?


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