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Tuesday, September 20

Petition for Peace

Here's what I wrote on my petition for peace to our congress representative in support of this week's peace rally in D.C.: Our country must end this costly occupation and violence. It is never acceptable to take lives under the guise of peace. In addition to the lives lost in battle, there are the lives lost recently in the ineptitude of Katrina, while our Commander in Chief's mind and heart were trapped firmly in his wallet, looking only at his own personal interests. Finally, every day lives are compromised and lost due to the evil of poverty. As an elected leader of our democracy, it is your responsibility to alter our government's priorities to serve the highest good for all of the planet's citizens, not just the wealthy few.

I belong to an organization called TrueMajority, the first and only place at the moment where I feel a glimmer of a chance to have my voice heard.

Our house inspection is tomorrow. Please send good energies our way that all goes well, and the house sale becomes final. Yea!


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