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Monday, September 26

Stress Puppy

Yup, that's me. One gigantic ball of loose wires, frayed nerves, and pent up anxiety. I was offered a free 5-minute massage the other day by a certified chiropractor and I turned her down. I was afraid that if she touched me, I'd completely lose it and not be able to recover. I was embarrassed at how tense she would find me to be. Now that, my friends, is truly pathetic. This whole house sale and finding a new place to live thing has got me in fight-flight mode 24/7. The latest development is that Husby and I are thinking of going on vacation for a year. Well, OK, living in a vacation house on Vashon Island for a year, to get some time and distance from OD-ing on the modern world. Check it out, it's beautiful:
Vashon Guest House
No, it's not the least bit practical. Then why am I so thrilled at the prospect?

MUWOW: Actually, it's more of a colloquialism that should be in common usage: "Here are the perts:" as in, "Here are the pertinent facts:".


At 7:27 PM, Anonymous ninaturns40 said...

I love it! You guys should go for it. Why not?


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