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Sunday, October 2

Bratwurst with Chiddar

The Bombay's sign has opened up a portal in my brain, and now I'm hyper-sensitive to misspellings everywhere. This latest advertising, a new offering from the rolling hot dog tube machine at 7-11. You know how you learn a new word, and suddenly, it pops out at you from every page you read? Or, you decide to buy a particular brand of auto, and then you see more of them on the road? Universal Validation.

I learned today that if you mention a celebrity's name on your blog, you'll get higher readership. The whole blog phenom fascinates me. Why would someone who uses pounds instead of dollars as a monetary system give a flying f!@# what I think about a movie star? My next thought, as an impoverished writer, is if people will read this stuff for free, how do I get them to pay me for my apparently valued, or at least stirring, opinion?


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