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Saturday, October 1

Elaborade Buffet

That's what the sign said at The Bombay Grill in the U District. Spelling, schmelling. We've also got Ethiopin food in the CD. Perhaps they meant what they spelled, and it is pronounced eh-la-bor-ah-day buffet at the Bombay. Uh huh. Sure. Today I'm fascinated with humans' ability to quantify the universe to make themselves feel better. For example, I started a new written journal today, and it felt more significant, because it is the first of a month, according to a current calendar generally used by our western hemisphere inhabitants, and largely enforced on the global population, or any part thereof that gives a shit.

We're having an unbelievably difficult time finding what we want in a place to live. I despair daily, hope daily, then despair again. All this knowing, deep down, that I've got it good, really, and I'm one of the luckier citizens of this planet. Which, alternatingly makes me feel grateful and guilty. Woo-damn. I am one complicated ball of emotional upheaval. There are days when being Keanu Reeves is really, truly attractive, simply from a standpoint of being too dumb and too rich to care about diddly.


At 3:58 AM, Anonymous Nettie said...

What makes you think Keanu Reeves is dumb?

A man who's earned £360 million in his lifetime doesn't strike me as dumb.

Not that money is everything. He gives most of it away anyway.

Choose your words carefully.

At 8:42 AM, Blogger SuperFunHappyChick said...

The fact that he is generous is wonderful. His wealth has nothing to do with his intelligence. He is assuredly a good, sweet person, but I've worked with the same people who work with him, and to quote one of them: "he is truly as smart as a rock." I was using him as a classic example of "ignorance is bliss." Either he is too young a soul to know better, or he's an old enough soul to have come to terms with what he can or cannot change in the world. I find it interesting that you care what a stranger (to you) says about another stranger (to you). Or, do you know him?


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