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Tuesday, October 4

Other 'holics

I'm sure there are many web sites devoted to celebrities, and here's one my husby discovered: Keanuholic. I don't relate to celebrity worship, don't really get it. Sure, I'd enjoy meeting him and be tickled about it, and yes, I'd tell my friends. I might even devote a post to it, but a whole blog? Simply not my thing.

Right now, I'm more into the sweet little mannerisms of my dogs. Take, for example, the game Isis plays to wake me up. She likes to give kisses, lots of enthusiastic, slobbery dog kisses. When I try to avoid them by putting my face into my pillow, she turns on her back, uses her paws as leverage to scoot herself upside-down between me and the sheet, and does her best to get in more licks on my face than I do raspberries on her tummy. You can't help but get the giggles.

Cooper, like Keanu, is a simpler mind, and in his adorable attempt to mimic anything Isis does, will simply sit on my face until I give him a tummy raspberry and then he returns a couple of tender nose licks.

I'm definitely addicted to my dogs.


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