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Thursday, October 13

Rest, Relax & Restore

Women of Seattle, run, don't walk, do not pass go, go directly to the Olympus Spa in Lynnwood, a place so truly divine, it is a gift from all that is good, true, and beautiful in the universe. As to the portion of the population with penises, you're SOL, this spa is for women only. It's about time you experienced breast envy.

After I made Malt-O-Mortar for the sick hubby (kudos to him for the funny; he thought of it even with a cold!), I spent the day absolving myself of all the stress and trauma this move has caused. I'd give my left ovary for a year membership. Oh, what the hell, take both ovaries, I'm not going to be using them.

In nothing but a light cotton robe and a candy-stripper, rather a candy-striper cotton cap, you relax in various heated rooms, while healing FIR (far-infrared) beams heal your body, mind, and soul. Then you soak, naked except for the cap, in pools of various hot and cold temperatures while water jets pound you.

In the coldest pool, 60 degrees, there's a powerful waterfall that springs out of a rock wall. Once you adjust to the temperature, stand under the waterfall while it pummels you about the shoulders. It feels like forgiveness.

To enhance your relaxation, the above image is from the back porch of a girlfriend's cabin in Montana. She's blowing me away with her photography lately.


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