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Sunday, October 16

Waxing Philosophic When Sick

I hab a code. I have all the paraphenalia that goes with it. Ricola, zinc honey lemon drops, menthol drops, cough syrup, kleenex, Dayquil, Nyquil, herbal inhaler, Olbas bath, aspirin. None of these things will help the cold go away any faster, but will hopefully help me tolerate the duration. I hate the cold coming on feeling almost as much as the cold itself. The burning eyes, the itchy/sore throat. After reading an alarmist book by Robin Cook about viruses a few years ago, I hate knowing that the little buggers are replicating by the millions in my bloodstream. Doesn't help that all the media is alarm hyping the avian flu at the moment either. Evolution? Creationism? Bah, the universe was created and will be recreated many times over by viruses. I argue that we are not the dominant species on this planet. Viruses be here, causing genetic mutations, long after humankind has ceased to exist as we know it. Saw Kingdom of Heaven; it's a mediocre movie at best, but I enjoyed what little history I could glean from it. Perhaps we should worship viruses as deities.

QUOD: What's the name for the religion that believes god is in every particle of being on the planet? Anybody?


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Gary said...

QUOD answer: An Omnidist?


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