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Tuesday, December 13

Under Pressure

Blah, blah, blog sheet, have you any words? Yes sir, yes m'am, three megs full. I was chastized recently by a girlfriend because I hadn't updated my blog in a very long time. Honestly, I feel I should be allowed to coast for a month or two on my naked story, because it's so damn funny, even more so because it's true.

QUestion Of the Day: How do mermaids have sex? And, perhaps as importantly, how did I get to be 40 years old without wondering about this? With all the depictions of them as a solid from the waist down, mermaid reproduction must be accomplished in an alternate fashion. I wonder if they get goose bumps on their scales when they come.

I shaved my head as a rite of passage for my 40th (last Wed, 12/7). So far, the most common response I get from women is, "I wish I had the courage to do that." Men just stare. Except for my yoga instructor, who rubbed my head like it was a good luck charm. I just hope my publisher doesn't ask for any publicity photos any time soon.


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