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Friday, January 6

Need $20,000+

So, on the way-off chance that someone truly wealthy is reading my blog, and has an extra $22K or so that they'd wouldn't even miss, and is feeling very generous, I have a plea: we could sure put it good use! Just think of all the good it would do, instead of buying that wide-screen, flat-panel, plasma HDTV. Despite selling the house and paying off the majority of our debts, we're still in the hole $6K, plus I need about $6k to cover travel expenses to write my next book, and we'd love to have a little left over for fun stuff, you know, like a new bed so my back doesn't hurt at night and a sofa to replace our 11-year-old-$300 bought new cheapie model (before that, I would sit on a recumbent bike and my husband would sit on a dining room chair to watch TV), and paying off a $470 cell phone bill ($400 in cancellation fees + tax to get out of a bad contract), and about $600 in medical bills, and about $200 I owe a friend, little stuff like that. The latest figure I heard was that we could each receive an $11,000 per year without having to claim it on our taxes. That'd sure come in handy. Thanks.

Oh, our address: 8844 34th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126


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