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Tuesday, January 31

Thoughts on Eastern Washington from Eastern Washington

New photos posted on Americana. Also for your further amusement, I have started a new feature on my photo site, …& Espresso, to document the interesting coffee pairings found around our if-only-I-could-mainline-my-caffeine-fix region. My favorite so far is Parables, a Christian Bookstore…& Espresso. "Take and drink, this is my ???, given for you. Do this for the remembrance of me." If wine represents his blood, and bread his body, would coffee be his seminary fluid?

I am, officially, on the other side of the state, as far away from Seattle as you can get and still be in Washington. Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA (get it? Lewis and Clark?) They grow 'em straight, true, and strong out here; every one of these tiny towns has won state championships in boys/girls sports at one time or another and they proudly put such on signs on main roads into town both directions, directly before or after the signs stating all of the religious denominations of which you can partake. They've sent more than their fair share of kids to the military, too, let me tell you. For farm kids looking to get the hell out of dodge, it's one of their all-too-few choices. What the hell else are you going to do out here in the middle of nowhere? Get away from it all, and go to some other hell hole, from one hell hole to the next, frying pan into the fire. Finally, in the I-don't-get-it category, there's a store in Walla Walla called The New York Store, Western Outfitters, Inc.; He's from New York City? Pick up the Pace.


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