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Monday, February 6

The Hawks Were Robbed

Does it sound too much like sour grapes to say the Seahaws were robbed of their Superbowl win by biased and erroneous officiating? I don't think so. I also don't think a true football fan would use the phrase "biased and erroneous officiating." That's beside the point. My Mom, who lives in Denver, has been a rabid Bronco fan her whole life, and who doesn't know a Seahawk from a Sea Monkey, watched the game with friends as a social occasion. Later, on the phone, it was the first thing she said, "Well, that game was stolen from you." I'm not a huge Seahawk fan. Husby and I wore our Denver Bronco jerseys to the party, we went as Ed Macaffrey and Terrell Davis. Even so, I wanted the Hawks to win, for civic pride and because I don't want to deal with a bunch of depressed Seattleites who haven't seen the sun for 100 days who've now lost the big game as well. At least it's supposed to be sunny this week. Probably the only thing saving us from mass suicide.


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