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Thursday, February 9

When Human Nature Surprises

Something odd, but good, happened to me today. I was in my car, behind a car with a couple of young kids in it, a guy at the wheel and a gal as passenger. We were stopped at a light. The kid in the driver's seat threw a McDonalds large red french fry box out the window. Usually, I would fume in silence and shake my fist through the windshield and leave it at that. This time, I was peeved enough to tap the horn. Beep. The kid looked in his rearview mirror. I mouthed the words Not Cool. Much to my surprise, instead of flipping me the bird, ignoring me, or going road rage on my ass, he opened his car door, picked up the fry box, and did a little nod in my direction, as if to say, That Better? To which I responded with a mouthed Thank You and a bow with hands in namaste position. We drove our separate ways. It must be the sunshine that's got everybody in a Polyanna mood.


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Rinn said...

Wow! I never would have guessed that that story would end that way. I guess human nature does have some surprises after all.


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