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Wednesday, March 15

Emotional Self Portrait of the Day (ESP)

Broken, still beautiful.

I've posted a bunch of new photos at Americana, Texture of Nature, and My Hometown.

What a watershed week! I cannot even begin to tell you how relieved I feel; I've been waiting to exhale (such a fitting description) for so very, very long. The last pieces have fallen into place. It now looks like a reasonable life is in our sights--everything Husby and I have been working toward and all the sacrifices we've made are coming together to make it possible. Two major events of the last few days precipitated this Halleluiah Moment. The first is that Avalon graciously agreed to extend my book deadline until May 2007. I have 14 months to complete my next manuscript. This was necessary to facilitate the next piece of the puzzle, namely a permanent part-time job with full benes at my local food co-op. This is the enabler job I've been searching for, one that: is only three days a week; will pay for groceries (with a 15% discount); accrue a pension and vacation; comes with full medical, dental, and vision; is conveniently close enough to home to ride a bike to work; is with a socially responsible company that carries products consistent with my personal values; and best of all, can be left at the office, preserving my mental and creative energies for writing. The pay isn't much, just enough to pay our monthly grocery bill with a few bucks left over for mad money. But it's all we needed. When I'm not working on a major book or writing project, admittedly not very often, I can goof off four days a week. Ask, and ye shall receive. Thank you Universe, for hearing my prayers, and acknowledging them.

And, and, and...the new issue of Bark has been out less than I week, and I've already started to receive fan mail. Wooo Hooo! Check it out: "I am so enjoying the articles in this issue...'Two Wieners and a Mummy' was especially fun. I've already read it 3X and laugh harder each time."


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