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Wednesday, March 1

How to Engineer the Perfect Nervous Breakdown

Take a wildly imaginative writer who can fake her way through technospeak and write bullshit marketing copy with the best of them. Tell her to bring her best ideas to the table, because you can always pull back if she gets too creative. Then, subject her to This process on every project for a little over eight years. Use the Rivision Marks(tm) Tool to strike through the vitality of her work with editing-by-committee and rounds of feedback through the agency, the client, the product manager, the project manager, the copy editor, the legal department, and then back again. Tell her you must have the deliverables by 9 am tomorrow, then wait months to respond, or never use the material at all. Repeat for every project. When one of your employees makes a judgement error, place all blame on the writer in the international media.

No, I'm not bitter. Watching this video is cathartic; it'll save me thousands in therapy. Note: Not surprisingly, the Microsoft iPod Parody has already been removed from its original source. Apparently, all the wealth and power the world affords doesn't protect Big Brother from feeling threatened by a little bit of piercingly accurate humor. Sorry, don't have time to find and link to somebody else who saved it!

And, in other news, the Word of the Year; as in, the U.S. administration has a complete lack thereof.


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