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Tuesday, April 25

I Love Spring

I have so many allergies, the last time they tested me, the nurse said, "Oh, my," in her driest voice, examining the splotches which indicated I was allergic to 21 of the 29 substances on the scratch test. I was the kid in summer camp causing the other kids to exclaim, "Hey, counselor, why does that girl's face look funny?" Could be because my eyes are swollen shut, dickwad. Lately, I've had instahives, serial sneezing, and attractive post nasal drip. In a defiant and brilliant act of work avoidance this afternoon, I've wasted at least a half hour taking and posting this picture of the latest intrigue. Who needs collagen when bizarre allergic reactions to unknown substances can plump with the best of them? For a bit of work avoidance of your own, check out these happy pups.


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