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Sunday, April 30

With a Stuffy Nose and a Happy Heart

This was my sunset tonight. How was yours? I'm in the Tri-Cities, doing winery profiles. I know, tough life, but somebody's gotta' live it. I have a vague, fuzzy headache and a stuffy nose from wine tasting, but am content. I rented a $5 bicycle from the hotel and rode along the Columbia River. I rode past old people in wheelchairs and babies on tricycles, a fat guy doing a belly flop off the pier right next to the "Swimming Prohibited" sign, Latin Americans fishing, and African Americans playing B-ball in the park. I feel connected to a bigger world. It's nice, and that's not just the wine talking. Wine of the Day: Thurston Wolfe Pinot Grigio Viognier 2005. A shout out to my friend Sara for watching our puppies, and to Brian, for giving up his wife for a few nights.


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