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Friday, July 28

I'm exhausted. I wonder why. Let's recap the last three weeks.
7/8 - 7/10: Worked 9-hour shifts
7/11 - 7/14: Traveled the Tri-Cities and back
7/15 - 7/17: Worked 9-hour shifts
7/18: Wrote 1,500-word Tri-Cities story
7/19 - 7/20: Traveled Whidbey Island (photo alert!) and back
7/21: Worked 9-hour shift
7/22: Day at the races and night at Burlesque (see previous entry)
7/23 - 7/24: Traveled Victoria, B.C. (photo alert!) and back
7/25: Wrote 1,500-word Whidbey story
7/26: Wrote 500-word Victoria story and major edits to Tri-Cities story
7/27: Worked 9-hour shift
Today, tomorrow, and Sunday I work full food co-op shifts. Monday I write one more 500-word story that is due. Tuesday I begin a 10-month intensive course called "Writing the Moon Guidebook I've Been Putting Off Since May."


At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Sara said...

Oi! My dearest darling - what can we do to help? What do you need? We're here for you, friend. We're here! Backrubs? Cheerleading! You can do this - this is the dream, this is your marvelous life - dig deep! Sending you waves of support and love and faith in your ability.

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Colleen said...

*sending mind waves from jolly ol'Britain*


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