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Sunday, July 23

My Big Fat Adventurous Life

One of the really cool things about my life, especially lately, is that I'm embarking on a new adventure weekly, sometimes daily. I'm experiencing many firsts, and my days are anything but boring. If you look back through my journals, kept regularly since I was 10 years old, a burning desire for adventure is a regular theme. In a very real sense, I'm living my dreams. I'm also continuing to experience strange dichotomies. Take last Saturday, for example. We began the Day At the Races. One of my husby's company shipping vendors sponsors a top fuel drag car, so they treated us to a day at the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Championship Races. Later that evening, our super-hip friends Brian and Sara took us on a suprise evening outing to the Triple Door to see The Atomic Bombshells and Dita Von Teese. From hot rodding to burlesque, all in one day!


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