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Friday, July 7

Say hi to the Blue Dog of Happiness, given to me by my husby, who knows me so well. The tiny sheet of paper that came with him reads: This faithful friend brings the gifts of pure joy and security to its new owner. He will assist in the dogged pursuit of dreams, and help you over life's ruff spots. Together, there's no problem you can't lick. He's given with lots of wags and kisses and will be a friend furever. Find a special place for him in your home or office and he will bring you many days of happiness.

Everyone should have their own equivalent of the Blue Dog. Despite laughing a lot and having a great life by nearly any standard, I often lack inner happiness. It's a struggle for me to be happy and content with my lot. I wish I knew why. More importantly, I wish I knew how to become a person who is basically happy the majority of the time.

At the moment, I'm fairly convinced that this is what will finally make me happy. In the meantime, happy Friday.


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