I'm an intense, hyperactive woman with an imagination in overdrive who loves her Husby, her two Wonder Wieners, and her emerging career as an author and photographer.

Tuesday, October 24


I'm trying to remember the Valerie who didn't take every hiccup and setback as a personal attack. The ballsy gal who cursed and ranted and solved the problem without questioning the meaning of life. I want to connect with the Valerie who took wild leaps of faith all the time, without questioning whether she could or should. I've got to strengthen the neural pathways of the Valerie who followed her dreams with anticipation and excitement, not trepidation and fear of universal retaliation. I'm the same person. I must be able to pull those sense memories out of my tissues and circulate them through my bloodstream. I am more than the sum of my chemical and hormonal imbalances.


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