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Saturday, November 4

Bad Hair Day

There's no such thing as a neat coif when you're an alpaca. Meet Betsy Ross. She's a shy gal, with a sweet disposition. Her kisses usually include a little nibble. Alpacas have a row of teeth on the bottom, and a soft palate on the top. Maybe there's a future for alpaca upper dentures.

The future. Uncertain. I've just asked my publisher for yet another extension on the book deadline. Some days, I feel the success my friends talk about. Others, I wallow in the fact that we can't get our financial lives in order. That I'm bagging people's groceries and taking out the garbage at my local food co-op, for fuck's sake. I can't get a handle on the chaos of my life. Then I realize how self-absorbed I am, but instead of helping me, that knowledge depresses me more.


At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Kymberli said...

Oh... I think I recognize this look. I was using a boatload of hair product in the show I just closed -- in an attempt to get that perfect Scarsdale-hausfrau helmet head effect. But years of scientific research has led me to believe that the FULL STRENGTH of hair product is only acheived after you sleep on it overnight. Jim has take to calling me Yu-Gi-Oh in the morning, as it achieves a scary anime look in the light of day...It's all fun and fashion until somebody loses an eye!

When will you know about the extension?


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