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Thursday, November 16

Hold the Presses

Another cool photo courtesy of the hubster, taken from inside MOMA, looking out at NYC. You can see his reflection in the window. New York has such a distinct look about it, an old-meets-new snooty pedigree.

For another photo not taken by me, but of me, head to this page and look for Hills and Waves. A Tacoma News Tribune photographer captured my BioMom and I one day while we were at the Tacoma Glass Museum.


At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Kymberli said...

I love seeing Steve's ghostly figure super-imposed on the NY scene. And what a COOL photo at the museum. When was/is BioMom in town?

Bit of a toughie this week. Family health issues for Jim's Mom very scary. Just a bit stressed as you can see from the 4:51am posting.

HEY, I'm coming to Seattle Dec. 13-17. Maybe we could swing at LEAST a MESKEL?



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