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Thursday, November 30

Race to the Finish

As I cross the NaBloPoMo finish line, here is another husby photo. He recently participated in a pinewood derby at a local bar in Georgetown. His car is truly vintage, made when he was 9 years old in 1976.

I'm happy to have accomplished this little goal of a post and a pic a day. It feels good and I hope will lead to other, larger objectives. Next: 500 words a day writing on my own stories. After that: yoga for 30 days straight. Maybe both at once.

As I think back on this month, what stays with me most is the theme of connections. This helped me reconnect in little ways with good friends who have moved away, helped me stay aware of what's going on for friends who are in the process of moving, and get to know some new folks a little better. Our culture needs to work on forging and honoring our connections more. Biggest goal for the upcoming season: spend more quiet time with family and friends. Sit and talk. See what happens.
Blessings and light!


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