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Monday, November 6

Stormy Weather

Puget Sound's weather is positively hyperbolic today, the storm of the decade. Up to 10" of rain in a single day, a state of emergency declared in 18 counties, massive mudslides, an urban flooding team dispatched, 14 rivers at or above flood stage, and no relief in sight until maybe Thursday. I wanted to capture an image that conveyed all this mess--umbrellas turned inside out, standing road water, soggy dogs. Nothing fully captured it for me. This one's too benign.

I think it's time I formally introduced SuperFunHappyChick's alter ego: TerriblySadDepressedGirl. While she (I) struggles (struggle) with mental distortion (illness), here's a new mantra for love and kindness, to repeat as long as it takes to be filled to the core with compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratefulness.

May I/all beings be free from fear and harm.
May I/we find hapiness being just the way we are.
May I/we be at peace, whatever comes.
And may I/we live gently in the softness of our hearts.


At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Kymberli said...

A beautiful mantra.

Here's one of my favorites which the more I use it, the more I find it to be true and therefore, comforting.

I/We already have everything I/we need.

Remind me tell you the full tale of how it came into my life this summer at Scripps Camp. A funny story, but the underlying mantra has become very profound for me. It reminds me of how fortunate we truly are. How much we truly have, even in our darkest moments. It helps me to live in a world and a mindfulness of abundance instead of scarcity. I truly believe that fear and scarcity thinking our some of our biggest demons.

If we can see the abundance around us in every moment and the beauty in ourselves IN EVERY MOMENT, we can keep ourselves in the light.

I already have everything I need. I already have everything I need. I already have everything I need...



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