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Saturday, November 11

Went to a Wedding

Can't remember the last time we went to a wedding. This one, one of Steve's co-workers. This one had plenty of religion included, but the sermon was great, right up to the point where the officiant started going on about how the two of them would never be able to make it work without Christ's help, walking with them, blah, blah...lost me there. It also seems like it's been a long time since I've gotten dressed up and went into a social situation where I had to interact with more than a couple of really close friends. It felt good. Like I have a life again, like re-entering the world. Which brings me to my little bomb drop of the evening: the decision has been made. Care to take a guess?


At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Kymberli said...


Sorry I am late in my response. I was off having a fun day yesterday too. Went to the Women's Expo - which was fun and then over to my friends' -- Lana and Victoria -- and enjoyed the evening in front of their new wood stove. I WANT ONE! We have been considering and I think last night may have done it. May have to go and get a wood stove tomorrow! Anyway, spent the evening chilling and playing games. It was relaxing, all laughed until we had to pee and just basically had a great time.

So - are you in or out? Given our last conversation -- I was getting more of an out vibe from you.Thus my guess would have to be OUT.



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