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Saturday, December 2

Did I Win Anything?

Huh? Did I? Did I? I wanna' know if I won anything from the list of random prizes for blogging everyday. That's merely one of the many thoughts running through my head at this moment. Another is reflecting on what looked like some Jehovah's Witnesses boys wandering the neighborhood this morning. I was sitting on the couch in a flimsy black cotton robe that barely clears my thighs. I wanted to answer the door with my robe open, facing them naked. I imaged the conversation would go something like this:
"Mam! Would you cover yourself please."
"Nope. My religion worships the naked body. If you want to expose me to your religion in my home, you have to be prepared to be exposed to me."
My girlfriends are all going away. One moved to Oregon last year. Another moved to Boston this year. Another is moving to Port Townsend right now. Another disappears to Montana as often as she can. Yet another moved to what she calls "North-by-God Snohomish" and is in the process of having two babies. We moved away from another girlfriend only as far away as Shoreline, but it might as well be the moon. Most recently, another fabulous girlfriend got this fantastic gig working all over the country with the Broadway tour of Light in the Piazza. I'm so happy for her, and sad for me for about seven months. Our connections are so tenuous in this culture, in this life we lead. It is much on my mind of late.


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