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Sunday, December 3

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

I believe in organic, non-GMO food, and in using canvas bags every time you go to the grocery store. We endeavor to use all-natural, non-toxic products in our home, from laundry detergent to hair care and makeup. We own one car for our family, a Toyota Prius, and if it existed, my idea of a perfect car would be a BioDiesel-Hybrid Subaru Forester. Better yet, I plan on purchasing an electric bicycle for all commuting under 5 miles within the next year and I would urge anyone with any decision-making ability to make public transportation our region's #1 priority for the foreseable future. When I build my own home, it will meet extremely strict green building criteria, both during the process, and in the materials used. It will have advanced water reclamation capabilities, because I know I use too much water; and I hope it will be a net producer of energy, putting power back into the grid. We recycle 3-4 times as much as we throw away; and this year, I will add food waste to our recycling program.

For those of you seeking to increase your environmental responsibility with each passing year, I can recommend two web sites at the moment: Gaiam and EcoDeals. I'd love it if any kindred souls out there reading this would enlighten me as to other good resources for green living.


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