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Saturday, December 9

Sloggin the Nog

Hey, don't blame me. I was simply making sure nothing went to waste. Yes, friends, the official SFHC Party Season has begun with the making of what the Husby now calls ValNog, my family's from scratch, raw egg, highly flammable seasonal beverage. This particular batch, one of several we will either make or outsource this month, was for his company holiday party. He elected himself official party embassador, and spread the good cheer from desk to desk. By all accounts, it was well received. I, however, am having a very rough night, my digestive system uttering all sorts of protests over the consumption of dairy, alcohol, chocolates, and heavy meats of the last two days. At last party's potluck, there were exactly three things I could have eaten that wouldn't have given me trouble: an eggplant dish (scary), honey baked and brown sugar crusted turkey (gack), and tossed salad (hold me back). Every other dish was cheese crusted this, and pudding cream infested that, and butter slathered the other thing. I feel like the character from the classic, all time spoof movie of spoof movies, Airplane!, who kept popping into frame saying "I picked the wrong time to give up smoking/drinking/sniffing glue/eating dairy."


At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Kimberly said...

I love this photo, and I agree that not a drop of such a glorious flammable seasonal beverage should go to waste!

One of my first thoughts on waking this morning was I have eggnog in the refrigerator! Thanks so much for sharing.


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