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Monday, February 19

Age is Irrelevant

I just noticed that somehow, at some point, my age in my Complete Profile was entered incorrectly, and I am now listed there as being 250 years old, born in 1756. Really wierd, but cool. I think I'm going to leave it. Perhaps that was an earlier birth of another me, prior to this reincarnation. Hmmmm.

My spirit was definitely reincarnated in this body on Saturday, when I went to the book release party for The Anti-9-to-5 Guide by Michelle Goodman. Yea, Michelle!

I must and will spend more time among like-minded people. I cannot get over how invigorating it is, reminding me that I seem to be all too good at distancing myself from others, and how much I'd like to change that pattern of my life. At the signing, a woman came up to me and said my name as a question. Turns out to be someone I'd worked with at the West Austin News, about fourteen years ago. We'd sit together on Sundays for about 10 hours; I'd typeset the handwritten stories of the reporters into a Mac, and Leslie would proofread and edit them. I'd completely forgotten that she'd moved to Seattle before we did. We lost touch. What an amazing thing that she would see me after all these years, recognize me, and come up to me. It was only one of many cool and fateful things that happened that day.


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