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Friday, February 16

By Any Other Name

This Valentine's Day was one of the best days of my life. It included my favorite things--chocolate, writing, photography, sex, food (in order received, not necessarily order of preference). I got up, and my first appointment was with a chiropractor, who gave me a fabulous adjustment and made my neck feel really good. Then I met a girlfriend, who treated me to a pedicure and nail buff and a light lunch at P.F Chang's, as a belated birthday present. She gave me all kinds of adorable gifties, including a Lavendar dark chocolate bar from Dagoba. I met up with husby for a second light lunch and a glass of red wine, where he gave me custom-imprinted M&Ms with our names and 2007 Best Year Ever. Who knew there was such a thing? I went home, showered, played with the puppies, and wrote some more of my latest story. Then, I went to pick up hubby from work wearing nothing but a silk negligee, an overcoat, and some fuzzy slippers. We came home and (CENSORED). Later that evening, we went to dinner at St. Clouds, and I never felt more pampered and adored as I drank sidecars and ate Neah Bay snapper and crab in a Lime-Coriander Broth. I took photos of the day, ending at Alki Bridge, where we could see the Mutual building's heart all lit up through the fog. Thank you, universe, for such a beautiful day.


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