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Thursday, April 5

How Dare He?

I try not to watch the news. I really do. But I caught a few minutes last night after watching American Idol, and then getting caught up in Medium. Gas prices are rising again, up to $4 a gallon in San Francisco, and the reporter stated that President Bush says we, as Americans, are to blame for our excessive oil consumption. When oil companies are making staggering profits; when our leaders have lied to us at every opportunity; and when their every policy has been in support of corporate welfare and concentration of wealth and against environmental responsibility, thus giving us little choice in the matter; hearing him say that, even by hearsay, is extremely painful. We are being betrayed by our leadership at every turn. It makes me very angry. I could write letters, I could make calls, I could stand on street corners with signs. It wouldn't matter. I can, and do, do my part to reduce excessive consumption and be responsible. We own one car, it's a Prius. I take the bus. I'm going to buy an electric bicycle. Other than these small things I can afford to do, I wish I believed there was some legitimate action I could take that would produce real change. That, short of revolution and the damage violent action would cause, and the toll it would take on our lives, there must be something we as a people could do to improve our state of the union. Oust our corrupt leaders, for starters!


At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Gary said...


Bush, of all people, to scold us for overconsumption (of which we are guilty, by the way) is particularly galling. He's profited mightily from the oil business and the loosening of environmental protections to further line his own pockets.

*HE* could have done something to encourage more efficient fuel consumption in autos.

*HE* could have done something to encourage the development of renewable energy to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

*HE* could do something to determine why oil companies are making staggering profits while we pay more and more of our income on fuel.

It's not fair and Bush is a hypocrite for pointing the finger at us and no one else.


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