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Thursday, June 14

It is time to put down for myself what I really want and need, to clarify to the universe and put the right energy out there. What I want is to win the jackpot millions in the lottery at the next drawing. OK, that said, I'll lay out some more realistic needs and wants. I want and need a new job that meets the following criteria:

Is part-time (20-25 hours per week), allowing me to work days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. This is to leave me with 3-4 days per week for travel and other writing projects including the dog book update.

Pays an absolute minimum of $25 per hour, the hourly rate that I'm really going for is $45 per hour, preferably with good medical, dental, and vision benefits.

Takes advantage of my talents as a writer and budding photographer.

Is challenging enough to keep me interested for years, allows me to learn and grow, compliments my other needs and skills, and yet, leaves me plenty of energy and creativity for outside writing projects.

Is on a bus route or downtown via the water taxi route or can be reached by commuting on my bicycle.

Doesn't require a fancy dress code.

Is fun and enjoyable with people who can and will become friends.

Then, above all, most importantly, I ask the universe for whatever it is I need to bring my writing back to life.


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