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Saturday, June 2

My Summer of Fun Has Begun

A photo from the Munich botanical gardens. Here's how you know you love where you live: you go all the way across the world, and the first thing you seek out are things that remind you of home, like this Rhody.

I am happy today. My husband comes home from New York, and we will have quality time together, a chance to talk and walk and work out some of the frustrations that have been plagueing me about us lately. Just as importantly, I finally feel like all the pieces are in place for me to have a great summer. The last little detail will be to get a super-short haircut on Monday. I now have an electric bicycle, which will help me cavort around town, and get the exercise I need without too much extra stress on my 80-year-old knees. In the last year and a half, I've effortly lost 20 pounds, halfway to my goal. I'm only beginning to feel less heavy, less weighed down in life. I've reorganized my office, and sorted all the files I need to start writing for profit again. I bought two "how tos" on making money with photography. I gave the food co-op an ultimatum--I can work three days a week or not at all. Take it or leave it. I think they'll take it, and stop abusing me. I won't work there full time, or even 3/4 time. That wasn't part of the deal. On the days when I am less happy, I think, I'm 41 years old. If I haven't got my shit together yet, is it likely that I'll ever get it together? So, in the spirit of making my life work for me, here's a meme of the things I want to do every single day this summer, not in any particular order:

1. Ride my new bike.
2. Take pictures.
3. Write.
4. Play with my husband, family, and friends.
5. Improve my health.
6. Make more money while working less.
7. Lighten up. Have fun.


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