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Monday, January 21

Mt. Loop Snow Day

Oh, I'd been wanting to go to the snow for weeks and weeks, and yesterday, we finally got around to doing it. Had to stop at Outdoor and More for some cheap waterproof pants first (in Vitamin-B Pee Yellow, no less) for $9. I insisted on going all the way up to the Mountain Loop Highway, because, well, because I have my reasons. We found these cool snow caves, likely made by the boy scouts who were de-camping shortly before we arrived. We also met a dear woman who was taking her 17 and 1/2 year old dog out for the day. The poor dog has been near death much of late, and after a particularly bad week, she promised her pal that if he felt better, they'd go play in the snow today. The dog was in high-spirits, wearing a coat and paw booties, and you could tell that this was a rare, treasured day for both of them. Me too.

(Photo of me by Husby.)


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